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Summer and Winter

Summer 2017

PHIL 100:
Introduction to Philosophy
James Thomas MWF 9am-12:10pm
(Session II)
PHIL 146:
Critical Thinking
Dan Jenkins W 1-4:10pm
(hybrid, Session I)
PHIL 150:
Contemporary Moral Issues
Dan Jenkins M 1-4:10pm
(hybrid, Session I)
PHIL 152:
Introduction to Moral Theory
James Thomas MWF 1pm-4:10pm
(Session II)
PHIL 248:
Introduction to Scientific Reasoning
Greg Ealick Th 1pm-4:10pm
(hybrid, Session II)
PHIL 251:
Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering
Greg Ealick TTh 9am-12:10pm
(Session II)
PHIL 346:
Deductive Logic
Dan Jenkins T 1pm-4:10pm
(hybrid, Session II)
PHIL 358:
Elizabeth Picciuto Th 1:00pm – 4:10pm
(hybrid, Session I)